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Print and laminate each page, then cut out each step. Mix each sequence up and direct your patient to arrange the activity into the correct order. Verbal explanations are encouraged throughout the activity!

Beautifully illustrated sequential image cards depicting real life events (Activities of Daily Living), such as, Walking the Dog, Writing a Check, and Toileting; bring life skills and familiar daily routines into your classroom or therapy room! 

Designed by an Occupational Therapist for young adults and adults (ages 12 -99), these Everyday Tasks for Young Adults and Adults are appropriate for all age levels and cognitive abilities. Suggested to improve both communication and pre-reading skills, your students can respond to "wh" questions verbally, in writing, by sequencing the cards, pointing to, or using a voice output device. 

With so many options provided, this StepByStep Everyday Tasks Card Set for Young Adults and Adults will not only help increase "wh" question response skills, sequencing of events to improve reading comprehension, and improve problem-solving and attention to detail, but will quickly become a favorite activity for your students and patients!

The 9 sequences included in this set are listed below with the number of cards per event:

*Ordering a Cup of Coffee (6)

*Telling Time (4)

*Going Up and Down Stairs (6)

*Set the Table (5)

*Using the ATM (5)

*Washing Your Hair (6)

*Transfer - Bath Bench (6)

*Transfer - Getting Into Car (6)

*Transfer - Sit to Stand (5)

9 Sequences of Everyday Tasks for Young Adults and Adults (Set 2 of 3)

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